”I humbly consider these as my most valuable resource for sustainability champions.”
— Bob Willard —

Bob uses 30-40 slides for typical presentations, based on the audience and time allotted. He selects them from an extensive library of 500-600 slides that he has built and maintained over 10+ years of talks to hundreds of audiences. A few years ago he realized that his master slide set could help sustainability champions maintain their credibility and save them a ton of redundant research.

Why does Bob consider them his most valuable resource?

1.They help sustainability champions get credible and stay credible

The slides are a goldmine of topical material about what’s going on in the business community around sustainability, and why. Bob speaks to hundreds of audiences and needs to stay current. He subscribes to over a dozen news feeds about how sustainability momentum is building in the business community. He continuously refines, enhances, and updates the slides with highlights from current surveys, articles, books, reports, and other research. Footnotes on the slides help users to optionally explore sources further. New versions of the master deck every three months are accompanied with a list of additions and updates. Although he adds 20-40 new slides to each “Quarterly Credibility Boost,” he strives to maintain the number of slides within the 500-600 range by pruning redundant or outdated slides. The master deck is used by some subscribers as a CliffsNotes-like dynamic crash course on the sustainability imperative for business.

2. They include two typical presentations to help users get started

To help users get started and quickly build their credibility, two of Bob’s typical 30- to 40-slide presentations are included. One is on the business case for sustainability strategies (based on The New Sustainability Advantage and The Next Sustainability Wave). The second presentation is on how to be an effective sustainability change agent (based on The Sustainability Champion’s Guidebook). They provide a helpful framework for the clusters of backup slides that follow each presentation. To quickly find slides on any topic of interest, subscribers can browse the Table of Contents; use PowerPoint’s “Find” function to search for a key word; or scan thumbnails of the slides in Slide Sorter view.

3. They summarize Bob’s books

All Bob’s books use extensive sidebar figures. The graphic figures from his books and other supportive slides are included in the Sustainability Advantage Slides.

4. They are designed to be plagiarized and shared

They are available in raw .ppt format, as well as .pdf format. Subscribers can readily cut-and-paste content from any slide into their preferred presentation template. Many slides are animated so they build gradually when in slide show mode. Subscribers can tune that animation appropriately. In fact, they are encouraged to treat the slides as their own, and to share them with colleagues, students, and clients in any way that helps accelerate their efforts as sustainability champions.

A $39 annual subscription entitles you to the latest version of the slides, plus three “Quarterly Credibility Boost” updates. To subscribe, click on Buy. After you pay using PayPal, you will be directed to the Download page.